Our Pastor

Rev. Amy Pannell

Sent to serve Highland United Methodist Church and New Hope United Methodist Church in July, 2015, I am excited to see the risen Jesus through you and our community of Franklin County, Va.  I love asking questions and listening to how faith, worship, church, and the Bible can be part of our life.  When not mesmerized by the Callaway cows, I love to spend time with family, read biographies, watch old movies and TV shows, and listen to podcasts.  I look forward to hearing what brings you joy and what questions you have about Jesus and church. Email:  AmyPannell@vaumc.org Phone:  (540) 483-4421

 Audrey Daniels

Wife, mother of 3, grandmother of 5.  Lifelong Methodist.  Active in United Methodist Women and Church Women United.  The lay leader serves by supporting other church leaders in discerning and accomplishing their goals.  Current go-to Bible verse:  “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”  James 4:8


Administrative Council


Chair – Mike Whitaker

Also serving are the chairs of all the committees and ministries of the church, the lay leader, the pastor, and members at large.

The Administrative Council is a “Big-Picture” body that coordinates implementation of ministries that advance the mission of Highland United Methodist Church. Church Council provides leadership and management for the ministries of the church.  Leadership is the visionary work that assesses where the congregation is, where God is calling it to be in the future, and what resources will be required to move from current reality into the desired future.  Management is the detail work that must be accomplished on a daily basis to make the ministries effective.  Any significant change in the church mission, its outreach activities, or in the roles, duties and activities of the church committees and church staff members must be discussed with and approved by the Church Council.  Council meetings are open to all members of the congregation.  The committee meets after 10:00 worship every other month on the second Sunday.